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Carlton le Willows Academy

Nothing but the best

Staff Team

Useful Contacts 

Student Services Team

Senior Student Adviser Ms D Jukes
Student Adviser Ash Mrs K Cockayne
Student Adviser Birch Ms L Banister
Student Adviser Cedar Mrs A Morton
Student Adviser Oak Ms A Banister
Student Adviser Sixth Form Mrs J Berry

ASH tutors 

BIRCH tutors 

CEDAR tutors 

OAK tutors 

Teaching Staff (A – C) 

Mrs A Agar  
Mr T Allen  
Mr L Armstrong  
Mrs L Atherton  
Mr J Bale  
Ms V Batten  
Dr C Beckwith Head of Geography
Mr A Bee Head of DT
Mrs A Blanshard  
Mr S Bolsher  
Mr R Bond-Taylor Head of Sixth Form

Mr P Bonnett


Mrs D Booth

Mr J Boyer Head of IT/Computing
Mrs L Brettell Head of Maths
Mr P Broadley  
Mr R Brooks Head of History
Mr C Brown Head of Business Studies
Miss J Brown-Needham  
Miss N Butterworth  
Mr R Cassidy  
Mr D Clare Head of Construction
Mr A Clough  
Mr A Corbett  
Mr J Corden Head of Birch House
Mr N Cresser  
Mr J Crone Assistant Headteacher


Teaching Staff (D – G) 

Miss M Davies  
Miss S Davies  
Mrs S Devine  
Miss R Duggan  
Mrs A Emsley Head of Psychology
Mr R Fender Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Fountain  
Mrs G Frettingham  
Mr J Fryer Head of Oak House
Mr R Gardiner  
Mr C Giannone  
Miss A Griffin Head of Art


Teaching Staff (H - L) 

Mr D Hemstock Pastoral Team Leader
Mrs J Hemstock  
Mrs A Horton  
Miss B Hughes  
Mrs D Hush  
Mr D Johnson  
Mr G Johnson Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Jones Head of Science
Mr C Jones  
Mrs D Jones  
Miss H Jones  
Mrs E Knowles  
Miss H Kuczynska Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Lewis  
Mrs S Lin  
Mr R Lucas  

Teaching Staff (M - P) 

Teaching Staff (R - T) 

Teaching Staff (U - Z) 

Mr M Walker Head of Cedar
Mrs S Walker  
Mrs G Walters Head of Media
Miss J Watkins  
Dr R Wiesemes Head of MFL
Mr A Wilkins  
Miss V Winning Head of Drama
Mrs K Wood  
Mr M Young Head of Music