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Carlton le Willows Academy

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Careers Guidance

Careers Lead: Mr Liam Scott   0115 9565008 ext 290

Carlton le Willows Academy is committed to providing high quality, impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). Our careers programme takes the form of structured learning which is integrated into the school curriculum through subject lessons.

The overall aims of our careers programme is to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of adult life by:

  1. Helping them understand their own strengths and aspirations.
  2. Preparing them for the choices to be made at the ages of 13, 16 and 18.
  3. Ensuring they leave school prepared for employment, further education or training.

Impact of Careers Programme 

We measure and assess the impact of the careers programme at Carlton le Willows to ensure it meets the needs of our students.

This is done in a variety of ways including Student Voice surveys, one to one interviews and also by monitoring school leaver destination data.

Careers Advice 

The school’s Careers Adviser, Mrs Darby, provides impartial advice and guidance to students on Tuesdays. These appointments ensure students confidently understand their possible next steps and are knowledgeable about the many opportunities available to support their future. Whilst students are encouraged to arrange an appointment during Year 11, students of all ages are free to e-mail any queries they might have to Mrs Darby at:

Alternatively, there is free, impartial advice and guidance is available for students of all ages from The National Careers Service

Information for Parents 

As parents, you are incredibly influential when it comes to the decisions your child makes in all areas of their lives. This is particularly true regarding your child’s next steps and decisions for their education and future career. It’s our aim to ensure our parent community feel confident that they can assist their child with these important decisions.

Please find below a list of helpful resources that can assist you throughout the meaningful discussions you will have with your child about their future:

Parent Adviser | Advice for parents/carers about career options for their children

UCAS | University guide for parents/carers

UCAS | Student finance guidance for parents/carers

Amazing Apprenticeships | Parent guide to apprenticeships, monthly parent packs of resources

Target Careers | Dedicated magazine for parents that explores university choices, careers and apprenticeships

The Guardian University League Table

Click on the link below to visit our partner Progress Careers' website to access information and video tutorials about a range of careers related subjects.




Students at Carlton le Willows are encouraged to explore all Post-16 and Post-18 options and the apprenticeship route is one of them! These are an increasingly attractive alternative to the traditional higher education route.

What is an Apprenticeship?

As an apprentice, you’re employed to do a real job while studying for a formal qualification, usually for one day a week either at a college, university or training centre. By the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll have gained an array of transferable skills which are highly valued by employers, which include:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • IT skills
  • Application of numbers

These skills will enable you to succeed in your chosen career or progress to the next apprenticeship level. Read more about the skills employers want here.

What levels of Apprenticeship are out there?

Apprenticeships have equivalent education levels, which are outlined below:

Please find below a number of useful links for apprenticeship advice, ranging from finding local apprenticeship opportunities to support with the application process:

Provider Summary

Experts on apprenticeships and vocational education, driving forward innovative and creative work in England

The UK’s leading job resource for young people seeking apprenticeships

Not just a search tool! Connect with the best employers, colleges and providers, helping you get on the right track faster!

One of the best known and recognised providers in showcasing the alternatives to the standard university route

The Careeermap team bring together talent from all backgrounds and ethnic groups in industry. Click here for lots of resources ranging from application support to top tips for interview questions!

Further Education Colleges 

Further Education colleges

Further Education (FE) includes any study after secondary education that’s not part of higher education (that is, not taken as part of an undergraduate or graduate degree). Everyone has to study FE until they are 18.

As an alternative to our Sixth Form, there are plenty of alternatives provided by independent FE institutions. College courses range from basic English and maths to Higher National Diplomas. Please take a look at what our local FE college has on offer.


Preparing for University 

Preparing for university involves so much more than academic achievement. It’s our aim to ensure our students are prepared to develop a research-led learning mindset; can confidently challenge other people’s discoveries and come up with their own ideas. Please find below a list of helpful resources that can help students (and parents) with researching their higher education options:

UCAS | An abundance of information covering topics such as Applying to university, interviews, student finance and student life

What Uni | Find courses, read honest reviews and get honest advice using their University Comparison Tool

University Advice | Helping you gain entry to the top UK and USA universities

Pure Potential | A great website, with lots of useful information and examples of personal statements

The Student Room: Student Finance | Find everything you need to know about financing your studies

Scholarship Hub | Search and apply for UK scholarships, bursaries and grants


Studying overseas

Fulbright Commission | Lots of information on opportunities and exchanges between the UK and USA

QS Top Universities | Up to date information about overseas study worldwide

Labour Market Information (LMI) 

Labour Market Information (LMI) in study and career choice is much more than information about earnings and employment prospects. LMI provides an insight into:

  • Industries that are growing and declining
  • The types and levels of jobs that are increasing and decreasing
  • What supply of labour is currently available across different industries
  • A summary of the key skills and qualifications required for certain careers

How can understanding Labour Market Information help my future career choices?

Careers guidance, underpinned by accurate Labour Market Information (LMI), helps to ensure that all post-secondary education choices that are made match students’ interests and abilities, ultimately leading to rewarding employment.

Where can I find relevant, up to date Labour Market Information?

Labour Market Information is constantly updating, so when researching possible career choices, it’s worthwhile trying to find out how much things might have changed!

Take a look at some of the useful websites below to start learning more about Labour Market Information and explore where your skills, talents and achievements can take you:

Skillsometer | Your first step in identifying how your skills and interest align with lots of different jobs

Careerometer | Explore and compare pay, hours of work and future job prospects across lots of jobs!

Target Careers | An abundance of information regarding lots of exciting careers sectors:

  • Salaries
  • Specific job roles within each sector
  • Levels of qualification(s) required

Local Employers 

Our school is at the heart of the community and we are always striving to provide our students with impactful experiences they can call upon once they have left school. Therefore, in order to prepare our students for the world of work, we would like to partner with local businesses, community organisations and individuals to motivate, inspire and inform them about all of the possibilities available to them.

Are you a local business, wanting to give back to your community or looking to identify future employees?

Are you an alumnus of the school, wanting to share your career journey with current students?

Are you a community organisation, wanting students to help solve a challenge you have?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, we would love to hear from you. To get in touch and explain how you would like to support our offer, please e-mail the school’s Careers Leader at (

We look forward to hearing from you!