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Carlton le Willows Academy

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Design & Technology

Head of Department: Mr Bee (

The Design and Technology Department at Carlton le Willows Academy has an experienced, committed team who use their enthusiasm to provide students with a fun and stimulating experience across all areas of the DT curriculum, which includes Food, Graphics and Resistant Materials.

“Our mission is to give all students a chance to design and make products independently by building their own skills and techniques over time and developing relevant skills to use in the real world.”



At Key Stage 3 we offer courses in Graphics/Computer Aided Design, Resistant Materials and Food. Each course works on a 11-12 week rotation so that students experience the same subject areas they will eventually opt for in Year 10 through to 11.

Students study for 200 minutes over a two week timetable. The groups are put in sets from Year 7 after taking a baseline design test during the first week in September.



The DT department benefits from excellent facilities, which are rare across the county and regions. There is an industry standard food room, designed and built to meet rigorous Food qualification requirements and a modern food room built in 2017, fitted out with some of the best equipment in the area, including a blast chiller, induction hobs, air conditioning and a touch screen TV board.

Our Resistant Materials workshops are generously kitted out and spacious and we have a dedicated Graphics Room.

We are lucky enough to have an A2 laser cutter, which students are trained to use independently, a 3D printer and Dye Sublimation equipment, which is especially suited to graphics, electronic and resistant materials.

All students can expect to be taught in the dedicated DT ICT room ad use a bank of new laptops specifically for DT use, while all classes also have access to DT digital cameras, scanners and other ICT equipment.


At Key Stage 4, we offer a variety of subject to suit all skills. Vocational Engineering Design, Hospitality and Catering and GCSE DT Graphics, all of which lead onto our A level Design and Technology course or Food Course. These courses are taught as part coursework and part exam and are studied over two years.


At Key Stage 5, new Year 12 students will study the Edexcel Design and Technology A level. Students will be able to specialise in either Graphics or Resistant Materials, but will also cover a whole range of design-related topics as well.

The students get five lessons per week of study. Classes for Resistant Materials and Graphics are combined for most of the lessons as this creates a stimulating environment for both groups. They are also separated for some lessons, which allows us to cover the individual examination content of the two courses.

In essence, students are required to identify a problem and a design context, then develop a range of potential solutions and realise one.