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Students at every key stage have the opportunity to engage practically with Drama in a variety of capacities throughout the school year. This may be in lesson as part of the curriculum, in an extracurricular club, whole school production or as a Sixth Form Ambassador or Mentor in the subject.

The primary focus of Drama within the curriculum is to teach students about a broad range of styles and genres of theatre, supporting them to apply this practically, whilst also developing a sound theoretical knowledge from Year 7 all the way up to Year 13.

By engaging in practical drama in any context, students also develop a multitude of transferrable skills, for example, group work, confidence, verbal literacy, problem solving and leadership.

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Year 7

Students are allocated one period of Drama per week. The curriculum combined the development of skills, techniques and genres with an exploration of themes and issues as well as encouraging students to grow in confidence throughout the year.

  • Term 1 – Exploration of Poetry and Character – “Old Man in the Grange”
  • Term 2 – Exploration of skills and techniques – “Mime and Circus”
  • Term 3 – Development and Progression in use of style and genre – “Commedia Dell’arte”
  • Term 4&5 – Exploration of continuous narrative – “Darkwood Manor”
  • Term 6 – Introduction to Devising Theatre – Responding to stimulus

Year 8

In Year 8 a number of students participate in one Drama lesson each week with the aim of improving confidence and verbal literacy skills.

  • Term 1 – Development of Skills and Techniques – Improvisation
  • Term 2 – Exploration of themes and issues – “The Family”
  • Term 3 – Melodrama and Farce – Exploration of Skills using narrative framework
  • Term 4 & 5 – Truth & Lies – Exploration of formal language skills; “The Case of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig”
  • Term 6 – Development of Script Writing – “Back in the Playground Blues” – Exploration of Theatre in Education and Forum Theatre

Year 9

Students take Focus Drama as an option. They have three lessons per week and explore a range of skills which prepare them if they choose to take GCSE Drama or continue Drama in another capacity.

  • Term 1 - Development of Skills and Techniques – “The Story of Charli”
  • Term 2 – Monologues and Duologues
  • Term 3 – Ensemble Text Exploration
  • Term 4 – Devised Theatre Development – Exploration of Genres of Theatre
  • Term 5 – Rehearsal and Development
  • Term 6 – Development and Performance to live audiences


Students opting to take Drama as an option in Key Stage 4 will now sit the AQA Technical Award in Performing Arts.

The course contains three units, Unlocking Creativity; The Performance/Production and the Performing Arts Experience, with assessment through a combination of written exam and performance.

Current Year 11 students are undertaking the  OCR GCSE. Click the link for more information.


At Key Stage 5 Sixth Formers studying A Level Drama and Theatre Studies follow the AQA specification which is broken into three components – Drama and Theatre; Creating Original Drama and Making Theatre.

Assessment at the end of two years is through a combination of a final written exam, a scripted performance and devised performance and two extended written reflective reports supporting text and devised performance explorations.