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Carlton le Willows Academy

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We currently use the following exam boards; you can visit their websites by clicking on the links:





If you are not sure which exam board is the right one for your course please ask your teacher or see the Exam boards document below.

JCQ is the 'umbrella' body for Exam boards, they publish all the rules around exams, coursework and onscreen tests. Their website is here:

Please download and read the Information for Candidates documents issued by the JCQ, which are attached below.

Summer 2024 exam timetable 

Please find below the timetable for summer exams. This will be updated if there are any changes and is correct as of November 2023. All students must be available until 28 June 2024 in case any exams have to be rescheduled so please bear this in mind when making any plans.

Trial assessments - Year 11 

Please find below the calendar of dates for Year 11 trials.

Exam access arrangements 

Access arrangements are ‘reasonable adjustments’ for students who have a disability, a temporary injury or a special educational need that significantly affects them in exams. Assessments to establish Access Arrangement applications, are carried out by specialist teachers using appropriate tests.

A guide to exam access arrangements can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Exam clashes 

If you have identified a clash on your exam timetable, please speak to the Exams Office immediately.

Exam location 

The examinations will generally take place in South or East Hall, West Gym or East Barn, but in some cases may be in other rooms around the school. You will be advised if this applies to you. Please check your timetable carefully.

Exam times 

Examinations will normally  begin at 9.00am in the morning and 1.30pm in the afternoon. Please arrive fifteen minutes before the start of the exam. Please make the appropriate transport arrangements to ensure that you are at school in time to start the examination at the right time. If you are late, telephone reception on 0115 956 5008. You should still come into school as soon as possible and start the examination late. You may not be allowed to sit the exam if you arrive 1 hour after an examination has started in the case of any paper over an hour long or, for papers of less than an hour, if you arrive once the paper has been completed.


You must inform the school if you are unable to take an examination because you are ill, either by telephone 0115 956 5008 or by email If you are too unwell to attend an exam, you should consider seeing your GP and ask them for written details of your illness.

If you feel unwell before or during an exam, you should let an invigilator or member of staff know as soon as you can.


Watches, mobile phones, and any other devices with text facilities or which can connect to the internet or other devices  are not allowed in the examination room. They must be switched off, including alarms, and left in your bags at the back of the exam room.

What you can and cannot, bring into the exam room 

Only clear plastic pencil cases are allowed in the room. You must bring all pens (black ink only), pencils, maths instruments etc that you will need to use in your examinations. If you are not sure what you will need please ask your teacher in advance. These are the only items allowed on your exam desk. You are not allowed to borrow anything from another candidate during the examination.

 Tippex, correcting pens, fluid or tape are not allowed. Highlighters can be used on the questions but must not be used in your answers and gel pens are not allowed.

You may use a calculator unless you are told, either on the paper, or by an invigilator, that you must not. If you use a calculator, it is your responsibility to check that it works properly, i.e. the battery is not flat and anything stored in it is cleared. The lid of the calculator and operating instructions must be left outside the examination room.

You must not use a dictionary or computer spell checker unless told that you may do so.

You can bring water in a clear plastic bottle (keep it on the floor in case of accidents) but no other food or drink.

No phones, watches, earphones of any kind including airpods or similar, or any other electronic device, whether turned on or not, can be in your possession in the exam room.

Other information 

If you feel ill during the examination or wish to communicate with an invigilator for any reason, you must raise your hand and wait for them to come over and speak to you.

If there is a fire alarm, you will be instructed about the procedure to follow by the invigilators.

You will not be allowed to leave the examination room before the published end time.

If afternoon examinations finish after your normal school finishing time, it is your responsibility to make other arrangement for your journey home.

A code of conduct for the examinations will be read out at the start of each examination. Please listen and follow this in order to satisfy the regulations of the Examinations Board.

It is your responsibility to ask your subject teacher prior to the examination if there is anything you do not understand regarding your examinations.

Please ensure that your telephone contact details are up to date. This is particularly important if we need to contact you at short notice before an examination.

If there are any queries, please contact the Exams Office on