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Carlton le Willows Academy

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Expansion Consultation

The proposal

Carlton le Willows Academy in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, is proposing to take two extra teaching groups into year 7 from September 2022.

Why is this being proposed?

There is need for additional secondary school places in the Gedling area. Projections from the local authority show that pupil growth within our catchment area is on a sustained upward trend. Carlton le Willows is a high performing school, is very popular and always hugely oversubscribed, and we have a long-standing commitment to provide an education to children who live nearby, particularly those in catchment. 

Details of the proposal

Please see the below presentation for more information

How to give your views

Please click here to complete the survey.

Consultation timetable

Consultation opens on Monday, 1 February 2021 and closes on Sunday, 28 February 2021

Frequently asked questions

We have thought about the possible questions people may ask and given a brief answer to each. Please see below.

Why has Carlton le Willows been proposed for expansion? 

Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) have projected that the Gedling area will have a shortfall of 750 secondary school places by the start of 2027-28 academic year. 300 places have been provided at Carlton Academy with the remaining 450 places to be provided at Carlton le Willows. The school has worked with NCC since 2016 to accommodate 150 of these spaces within the current school setting. This expansion project ‘right sizes’ the school buildings and infrastructure, whilst increasing capacity by a further 300 students.

How and where will the expansion happen?

A new building will be constructed between the two main school buildings (East and West). It will house 20 classrooms, a large assembly hall and a new kitchen and dining facility.

Existing hall and dining facilities in West building will be reconfigured to accommodate additional Science labs and Design & Technology spaces.

A new vehicle and pedestrian entrance will be constructed from Burton Road.

Further information about the plans can be found here.

How will the expansion be funded?

The project is being fully funded by Nottinghamshire County Council. Over £500,000 has already been provided to draw up the plans and progress the project to this stage.

Will the school's catchment area change? 

There are no plans to change the school’s catchment area. The expansion is to serve local families.

Will the changes affect class sizes?

No. Class sizes will stay the same. 

Will my child’s education be affected by the growth in school population? 

No. There will be no detrimental impact on teaching and learning or pastoral care. Being a larger organisation means we will have more resources to deliver a broader curriculum and be able to provide pastoral care on a greater scale. In recent years our student support team has grown to ensure high quality pastoral support across all year groups. The expansion will also give us new ‘state of the art facilities’ and allow us to make improvements to the current buildings too.

Will my child’s education be affected whilst the building work is being undertaken? 

No. A secure compound will be put in place around the construction area to ensure the remaining school site can continue as normal. Internal works to the existing buildings will be possible once the space in the new building is available.

When will the building work be complete? 

Subject to the necessary approvals being in place, we hope the new building will be complete for September 2022. The upgrades of existing areas will follow on from completion of the new build and should be ready for January 2023.

What impact will there be on traffic and how will this be managed? 

There will be little impact on traffic during building work as all construction vehicles will enter site via the new entrance off Burton Road. The school will work with contractors to ensure movement of heavy vehicles avoids the start and end of the school day.

The school and surrounding areas will benefit greatly once the new entrance is constructed. The Wood Lane entrance will remain open for pedestrians and staff vehicles but congestion in and around this area should be significantly reduced. Numerous road safety measures will be put in place on Burton Road which will greatly improve the safety of students walking to school.

What is the purpose of this consultation? 

We want to understand the views of all stakeholders affected by the proposal. We welcome feedback and encourage all stakeholders to take part in the consultation.

The consultation outcome will form part of our expansion application to the Department for Education.