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Carlton le Willows Academy

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Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) in West provides an attractive, spacious area for study and research, with an extensive range of fiction and information books, as well as networked computers.

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Opening Times 

The LRC is open and staffed throughout the day from 8.00am until 4.00pm (3.30pm on Friday).

Before and after school  

The LRC is open for students to work or exchange books.


The LRC may be used by all for completing schoolwork, printing and reading. We have a selection of board games which are popular. Two book clubs meet once a week.

During lessons  

The LRC may be used by staff, sixth form students on study periods or by class groups. Small groups or individuals from years other than sixth form must have a permission slip signed by their teacher, which must be given to LRC staff on arrival.

Borrowing Resources  

What can be borrowed?

Most of the books and multimedia resources in the LRC may be borrowed. We are aware of age restrictions on DVDs and will liaise with parents/carers if younger students wish to read books from the senior collection.

How many?

Years 7-8 – Maximum of 2 items

Years 9-11 – Maximum of 4 items

Years 12-13 – Maximum of 6 items

How long for?

Most books may be borrowed for 4 weeks

Audio CDs – 2 weeks

DVDs – 2 days

Renewing Resources  

An item may be renewed for a further period as long as no-one else is waiting for it. The item must be brought into the LRC in order to renew it.

Reserving Resources  

If a book is out on loan we are able to reserve it for another borrower. We are always happy to receive suggestions from users of the LRC for additions to stock.

Returning Resources  

Resources must be returned on, or before, the latest date stamped on the date label.

Overdue Resources  

It is important that items borrowed from the library are returned on time. Weekly overdue reminders are sent to each form and after 8 weeks a letter will be sent home. If we have no response, an invoice will be sent asking for payment to replace the overdue item. Students will be unable to borrow any more resources until the overdue items are returned or paid for.

Reading Challenge  

All Year 7 students are encouraged to take part in the Governors’ Reading Challenge. There are 10 reading tasks to complete.