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Carlton le Willows Academy

Nothing but the best

New Intake

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students to Carlton le Willows Academy.

Induction days for children joining us in September will be held in July. Details of which primary school will attend on which date are below.

Below you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions about life at the Academy or download the document below to find out more about life at Carlton le Willows.

You can also take a look at our virtual tour of the school.

Transition evening information

    Please find below the Powerpoint provided to parents during the transition evening.      

When will my child find out their tutor group?

You will receive a letter during the summer term telling you about form group allocation.

Will my child be with their friends?

It is difficult to group all students in their friendship groups. Advice regarding individual students is taken from Year 6 teachers at their current school during discussions in the summer term. It is not possible to take requests from parents regarding friendship groups, as from experience, these groups can be transient. Friends will have many opportunities to meet up in social times and students will benefit from making new associations in their new school environment.

 Please support us by discussing with your child the benefits of being placed with students from other schools and the chance to make new friends.

Will my child have a new form tutor every year?

Form tutors normally remain unchanged each year.

How often does my child see their form tutor in a day? 

Students see their form tutor once a day at form time for around 15 minutes. Students can go and see their form tutor independently at break or lunchtime if needed.

How do I contact my child's form tutor? 

You can email your child's form tutor about pastoral issues. Details are on the Staff Team page of this website. (Tutors will respond as soon as they have the opportunity, based on their teaching timetable). You can also write a note in your child's school planner. For subject specific queries you should email the subject teacher.

What is the House system? 

The Academy has four houses: Ash, Birch, Cedar and Oak, each with a House Leader. Each house competes against other houses throughout the year in a variety of competitions to decide who is the House Champion.

All students are allocated a house on entry to the school and remain in this house until they leave. We aim to keep brothers and sisters in the same house.

Students are identified as being in a particular house by the colour of the stripe on their tie. Oak are red, Birch are silver, Ash are green and Cedar are purple.

Where can I buy school uniform? 

Uniform standards at Carlton le Willows are very high. Students are asked to be in full uniform every day.

Click here to see the full uniform list and requirements for PE kit.

Uniform and PE kit can be bought from two uniform stockists:

Just-School Wear Ltd, High Street, Arnold

Schoolwear Solutions, 116-118 Bramcote Avenue, Chilwell.

Both stores take online orders. Check their websites for opening times.

School ties can be bought direct from the Academy using our ParentMail system.

When buying the tie you will need to know which House you belong to. Ash ties have green stripes, Oak has red, Cedar has purple and Birch has silver stripes.

Read our Uniform policy here.

What if my child is not in full school uniform?

You should send a note with your child explaining what the issue is and when it will be rectified.

Does my child need to bring money to school every day? 

No. Your child will only need money if they are going to top up their lunch account as we operate a cashless system in school via ParentMail.

 Students will be registered for ParentMail (the cashless school meals system) on their induction day and parents will receive an invite to register for ParentMail during the summer holidays. 

What support is there for students? 

There is a team of staff who work to ensure everyone is happy in school. All students will have a dedicated Head of Year and trusted staff members to talk to.

I have support from an adult in class. Will I get this help?

There aren't support staff in all lessons like in primary school but some students will have an extra adult with them. We use a pupil profile to help the teacher understand what you find difficult. Your primary school will usually share information about the support you need. 

My child is unhappy or worried about school. Who should I speak to?

You can speak to your child's tutor, student adviser or house leader via telephone or email.

What if my child feels unwell?

They should speak to their teacher who will ask for support through our Bromcom system. 

My child needs to take medication. What should they do?

Student support and the health care adviser will hold medication and are trained to administer it. Students will be able to leave a lesson to get their medication if there is a set time it has to be taken.

What happens if my child is late for school?

They should get a late slip from the Attendance team in the Attendance office South. If necessary we will call home.

Punctuality is extremely important and we expect our students to aim for 100% punctuality. Students who are more than five minutes late for a lesson will receive a C4 lateness detention.

Are mobile phones allowed in school? 

All mobile phones must be switched off and not seen during the school day. Mobile phones are brought into school at the students’ own risk and the school does not accept responsibility if they are lost or damaged.

Read our mobile phone policy here.

How do I contact my child during the school day?

If you need to contact your child you should speak to their student adviser. They will speak to your child or arrange for them to call you from the student adviser's office.

What do I do if my child is absent? 

If your child is too unwell to attend school you should ring 0115 9565008 ext 259 before 8.30am, giving their name, tutor group and reason for absence. Or you could email these details to the Attendance team

If your child is absent and we have not heard anything from you, we will contact you.

See full details of the Academy attendance policy here

Dental/medical appointments

We ask that wherever possible, medical or dental appointments should be made out of school hours. If the appointment can only be arranged in the school day, you should contact the attendance team by email or send your child with a letter.

Where will my child have lunch? 

We operate a cashless cafeteria system where students can choose a variety of hot and cold dishes. In the main dining hall at West students can buy the meal of the day, or hot and cold snacks. A sandwich bar operates at East site at break.

There are facilities at East and West for students wanting to eat a packed lunch.

Students pay for food using the cashless ParentMail system. You will be invited to register for this in the summer holidays. Once registered you can top up your child's account.

If you think you may be entitled to claim free school dinners for your child, you should apply at

Will my child get homework?

Yes, home study is set regularly according to your child's timetable. They are expected to record all work set very carefully on the correct page in their planner.

How will school keep me updated? 

We communicate with parents directly using Bromcom. You will be registered for electronic communications using the details given to us prior to your child starting at the Academy. If these details change please let us know so we can update our records.

We also encourage parents to download the My Child At School app. This will give you access to your child's attendance and behaviour record and school reports. You will be sent log in details.

Can my child cycle to school? 

Yes. We ask that all students wear helmets and cycle responsibly. Please support us by discussing the importance of road safety with your child. We have bicycle racks on site.

Can I bring my child to school? 

Parents dropping off students by car should use the bus bay on Burton Road, not the Wood Lane entrance. 

The Wood Lane gates are closed to vehicles between 8.15am and 8.45am and between 2.45pm and 3.15pm. 

What if my child needs to catch the bus?

There are convenient public transport service to Carlton le Willows.

Latest travel information can be found on



Standhill Road

Carlton Square

Carlton Square

Burton Joyce

Mapperley (Plains Road to Westdale Lane)








Service number

No 25 (to bottom of Westdale Lane)


No 26A (to Burton Road)

No 26


No 25

How do we find out about extra-curricular activities? 

There are a range of extra-curricular activities taking part during the school year. Your child will be told about them in tutor time or you can look at the school website.

When are the school holidays? 

Holiday dates can be found on the Term dates page of this website.

Please note that the Academy operates a one-week only October half-term holiday.