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Carlton le Willows Academy

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  • Carlton le Willows Admission Appeals


    Following Stage 1 of the Carlton le Willows Academy appeals process the appeals panel met via Zoom to consider the academy’s statement and the presenting officer’s responses to the questions from the parents and panel about the academy’s case.


    The panel considered that the academy’s published admission arrangements complied with the mandatory requirements of the Schools Admissions Code and Part 3 of the SSFA 1998 and had been correctly and impartially applied. The members of the panel were satisfied that compliance with the parents’ preference would prejudice the provision of efficient education or efficient use of resources for the academy if further students were admitted. 


    The academy’s case was therefore upheld by the appeals panel and the appeals process will move to Stage 2.


    At Stage 2 parent(s) will meet individually with the panel via Zoom to present their child’s case.  The Carlton le Willows Academy presenting officer will also be present at the hearings.  Parents will have already been given the time for their individual hearing.

  • Appeals Panel and Presenting Officer Details 

    Panel Members:

    Mrs Jane Simmonds (chair and lay member),

    Ms Ann O’Loughlin (educationalist),

    Mr Jack Sills (lay member)

    The independent appeals clerk: Mrs Doreen Richens.


    The Academy’s case will be presented by Mr Graham Johnson (Director of Education).

  • The Appeals Process 

    This year due to the COVID-19 epidemic the appeals process will need to be conducted in a different way to normal.  Stage 1 will be done via a webpage on the academy’s website and you will have already been sent a link to this. The webpage includes the academy’s appeals statement and a link which enables you to ask questions about the academy’s statement. You can also email your questions to  The deadline for submitting questions is Thursday 7 May.  Responses to all questions from both the parents and the panel will be posted on the academy’s website by Monday 11 May.  The appeals panel and clerk will meet via Zoom on Tuesday 12 May to consider whether the academy’s admission arrangements complied with the legal requirements and whether prejudice was proven.  The appeals panel’s decision will be posted on the academy’s website and also emailed to parents on Wednesday 13 May.  If the academy’s case is upheld the appeals will proceed to Stage 2.  At the Stage 2 hearing the parent(s) will meet individually with the panel via Zoom to present their child’s case.  Alternatively, if you do not want to take part in a meeting via Zoom, the panel will consider your written representations. You should have already received a time for your individual appeal hearing.  The presenting officer will also be in attendance at the individual hearings.


    The outcome of each appeal will be sent via 1st class post and should be received by parents within seven days from the end of the last day of hearings where possible.  However, due to the way the appeals are being conducted this year technical difficulties may occur.  In these circumstances some appeals may have to be rescheduled.  As such there may be a delay in sending out the letters as the panel cannot make any decision on any of the appeals until all the appeals have been heard.

    The Academy’s Appeals Statement 

    Please click the link to view the Appeals Statement:



    Carlton le Willows Appeal Statement 2020


  • The window for asking Stage 1 questions is now closed.  Answers from the Presenting Officer can be viewed below.