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Carlton le Willows Academy

Nothing but the best


Hi there – my name is Mr Corden, and I am Head of Birch House!


There are three things you need to know about us – firstly, we have been compared to Gryffindor from the Harry Potter books, secondly, our house motto is ‘We are always ready!’ –  so it should be no surprise then that the third thing you need to know is, we are the current reigning House Champions at Carlton le Willows and sit proudly at the top of the House Championship table.


Alongside Miss L Banister, I am responsible for the pastoral support for any pupils who find themselves lucky enough to be sorted in to Birch House. It is our job to ensure that all students in our House feel happy to come to school and are safe in their learning environment.

In Birch, we have had quite the year so far – we have won the majority of the House Competitions, including: The Tug of War challenge, the Black History Month Challenge and Design a scientific invention challenge. We’ve also helped to raise over £200 for Children in Need as part of a Kindness Fortnight Bake Sale.

Birch is a wonderful house with lots to celebrate – the most important being that we have a wonderful group of students that don the blue and silver (Birch) tie, who are caring, considerate and hard working. Furthermore, we have 16 fabulous form tutors – varying in the subject that they teach (from English to music to science) that go above and beyond for their form members, and I know our students are very appreciative of them and their continued support.