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Carlton le Willows Academy

Nothing but the best

Meet your House Leader

Carlton le Willows has four houses: Ash, Birch, Cedar and Oak.

On accepting a place at the Academy students will be allocated a form group in one of those houses. 


Hello to my new Ash pupils. I am Mr Macdonald.

You are making one of the biggest journeys of your life, coming to secondary school and you are going to join a great House-Ash.

We have an excellent set of tutors who will help you with the move from primary school to secondary school and help meet all of the challenges that you will face and overcome.

The house and indeed the school want everyone to try in everything and be the best that you can possibly be. This is in the classroom, the playing fields, doing homework or helping others around the school.

There are lots of House competitions from the tug of war to a science competition. You will get the chance to show how capable you are as you develop into young adults. Working together we can achieve a great deal and push each other to succeed. I look forward to meeting you all.

Mr Macdonald

Head of Ash House


Hello and welcome to Birch house! I am Mr Marshall. You are joining the home of the best and brightest that Carlton le Willows has to offer. Birch has long been one of the most successful and hard-working houses and we always do our best to win the House Championship (2 wins in 3 years).

We know that moving up from a primary school to a big secondary like ours can be an exciting and scary experience so all in Birch will help in getting you used to the new routines and large campus we have here. The members of your tutor group will soon become your firm friends and with Birch enthusiasm we will continue to push each other on to great things. Throughout the year we will take part in many different competitions from Art and Drama to dodgeball and tug of war, even Fifa knockout tournaments, we always push each other to do our best so that Birch has the best chance of lifting the House Championship trophy.

Through everything you do I look forward to seeing you develop into individuals with amazing character. You will be professional, purposeful and determined in your lessons, kind and grateful for the opportunities and others around you, optimistic and curious for what the future holds. Above all else, I look forward to watching your enthusiasm grow as you embrace all of the opportunities we have to offer. I look forward to meeting you in September and witnessing the great things we will all do in Birch House together!

Mr Marshall

Head of Birch House


Welcome to the only House at Carlton le Willows that you will ever need! The one and only CEDAR HOUSE! I am Mr Walker, Head of Cedar House.

We are very much looking forward to you starting at Carlton le Willows and hope that you are excited, as well as being a little bit nervous! That's ok, it's because you CARE that you're feeling those emotions! Whichever tutor group you find yourself in come September, you are guaranteed the BEST care in all of CLW - the Cedar tutors are a fantastic bunch of people who will be your guide and support not only during your first few weeks at the academy, but also for your entire journey through school.

The amount of opportunities that you will be able to experience when you join the CLW family is amazing! Whether you love sport, drama, music, art, science, maths, English, geography, history, I.T., D&T or languages, there is so much on offer for you to get involved in with like- minded, new friends!

So, enjoy the summer and get ready for the next exciting step in your life! Being part of Cedar House at Carlton le Willows Academy!

Mr Walker

Head of Cedar House


Hello everyone, I’m Mr Miller. Welcome to the best house at Carlton le Willows (Oak of course).

We all know the move from Primary School to Secondary School has been a huge rollercoaster ride so far with having so much time to wait between finishing primary school and starting secondary school.

We know it might be scary but you have nothing to fear. The tutor group that you find yourself in when you arrive in September will be full of caring students ready to welcome you and show you the ropes. Along with this, the lovely tutors and staff from the mighty ‘Oak Giants’ are here to help if you are ever in need.

Whilst priding ourselves on being extremely helpful we also pride ourselves on the being the best you can be. We know you can be! It is important you show how professional you can be in your lessons and that you are being as enthusiastic as you can be.

As a school, we want you to create long-lasting memories and for you to have a fantastic time here at Carlton le Willows as you develop into young adults. There are a huge amount of house competitions for you to get stuck into such as dodgeball, tug of war and also science competitions. Don’t worry if it’s something you have never tried before, just have a go! Just you being there is showing determination and character. We cannot wait to see what you are capable of. As much as it may be nerve-wracking when starting secondary school we do hope you are as excited as us, to see us in September.

Mr Miller

Head of Oak House