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Carlton le Willows Academy

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Some students need a little more help with the transition to secondary school and during their time at the Academy.

All students identified for additional transition support are allocated a key worker who will contact parents directly to develop the pupil profile information and address any concerns.

Your child's primary school provides us with information about any extra support needed.

A key worker from school contacts parents / carers over the summer term. 

Below are the answers to some questions frequently asked by new students.

I have support from an adult in class. Will I get this help? 

There aren't support staff in all lessons like in primary school but some students will have an extra adult with them. We use a pupil profile to help the teacher understand what you find difficult. Your primary school will usually share information about the support you need and a key worker from school will contact parents/carers direct during the summer term.

I am too scared to come in to school. 

We have an area in school called the Learning Hub. This is a place where Mrs Bee, The Learning Hub Coordinator, is based and she will be able to help with any worries. For some students who are finding the move extremely difficulty we can arrange for you to come to us in the Hub and help with the worries you have.

If your primary school is aware of your anxiety they will have passed your details on to us. 

I am scared I will get lost and not know where I am going. 

There are lots of teachers around school who you can ask for help. They will also be keeping an eye out for year 7s looking lost, to offer support.

If you are worried you can speak to a member of student support and they will help you.


I have mobility difficulties and am worried about getting round the site.

The school site is big and you will be doing a lot of walking and climbing stairs. Your primary school will have let us know if you will not be able to manage all the walking and climbing. We can help with this and give extra time to move around school or support to get around. 

If your primary school is aware of this need they will have already notified us and a key worker will be contact you to discuss how we can support you in school. If you are not contacted and feel this is a difficulty please contact Mrs Marks on

I find reading and/or writing difficult and am worried I won't be able to do all the work

Teachers will have details about the difficulties you have with reading and writing. Teachers will adapt the work so that you can do the work they are setting.

If you are struggling in school with reading and writing, you can tell your teacher or tutor you are finding the work too difficult. If you don't feel confident talking to your teacher or tutor, you can speak to your student support adviser or even tell your parent/carer and they can email your tutor. 

I am Autistic and find change, noise, large crowds and other things difficult in school.

  • We fully understand that a Secondary school can be a very daunting place. We have a Learning Hub in the West building which offers a quieter environment. Key workers and the Learning Hub Coordinator are based there so if you are finding anything difficult you can ask for help from them. Student support can also help.
  • We can sometimes let you have a bit of extra time to move around school so you are not in the bigger crowd of pupils moving between lessons. 

I use a hearing aid and radio aid. Will teachers be able to use them?

We have a number of pupils who have hearing aids and radio aids. Your teachers will be trained on how to use them so that you feel comfortable using them in class.

I am dyslexic and find writing difficult

If you have a dyslexia need and work better with a device we can assess whether you can bring  a tablet or laptop device in from home, to use in your lessons. Please contact Mrs Marks on for further details.

I need to take medication at school. What do I do?

Student support and the health care officer will have your medication and are trained to administer it. You will be able to leave a lesson to get your medication if you have a set time it has to be taken.

What is a key worker?

If you have a key worker you will know who they are before you start school as they  contact parents and carers during the summer term.

A key worker is a member of the SEN Team. They will meet with you regularly to make sure everything is okay and support you when you need help.

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is a place in school which is quieter and can offer support when you are finding school difficult or need ongoing support.

We offer Nurture, ELSA, independent study, Dyslexia support and assistive technology such as read, write, gold. We also have a breakfast club to help the transition into school in the morning and a homework club where the SEN Team can help with any classwork or homework.