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Carlton le Willows Academy

Nothing but the best

Values and Standards

Our Mission

We aspire to create a school that delivers excellence in all that it does.

Our mission is simply for students to reach their academic potential and develop the character skills and leadership qualities they need for success and happiness in life.

Our Values

Our core values are humility, honesty and humanity.

Humility means being modest and acting with calm determination.



Honesty means being true to your word and acting with a high level of professional integrity.


Humanity means being kind and acting with compassion and sensitivity.

(Take Care)

Our Motto

Nihil Nisi Optimum

nothing but the best

remains a constant reminder of the high standards to which we must all aspire.

Carlton le Willows has long had a reputation in the area as a caring school where the high expectations of pupils contributes much to the success they have achieved in examinations over many years.

We are proud of our strong reputation and work hard to ensure every student has the opportunity to better their best. We are committed to achieving our overriding goal that is set out in our motto ‘Nihil Nisi Optimum’ (Nothing but the best).

The motto is our promise to parents, it is a statement of our intent and a description of what we do. Le Willows has served this community since the fifties and several generations of students have come and gone, each richly benefitting from the high standards, high levels of achievement, warm relationships, good discipline and the strong sense of purpose we offer here. We believe we make a difference in the lives of the children with whom we work and we are proud of our record of success.


Mr J C Weaver