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Carlton le Willows Academy

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At Carlton le Willows, we recognise the importance of emotional health and wellbeing for all our students and believe that wellbeing is central to positive learning outcomes and a healthy and happy school experience.

However, young people today face many issues in their lives which at times can impact on their emotional wellbeing, their health and their ability to learn and achieve in school. It is at these times that, in addition to support at home, our young people may benefit from further help or information.Below is a list of areas that may help direct you and your child to the correct route for guidance and support. Carlton le Willows Academy is not affiliated with, nor recommending, any specific services or organisations, rather we are aiming to signpost to information and organisations that may be able to offer help or support and outline what is available

Carlton le Willows Academy Counselling Service 

Carlton le Willows Academy Counselling Service gives our pupils the freedom and choice to access consistent, professional emotional support as and when they need it. The opportunity to speak in confidence to a trained counsellor, to gain support and understanding can be a lifeline for many young people struggling to cope with the pressures of adolescence and teenage life. We believe that if young people are able to receive timely and effective emotional support from a qualified professional they will have greater opportunity to achieve their full potential.

A key feature of our counselling service is that information discussed in the counselling session is treated confidentially. Counselling is a time when it is ok to talk about concerns without fear of them being discussed elsewhere. This includes not discussing the work with parents unless the young person requests or gives consent. This can be hard for parents to accept at times, but ensuring the confidentiality of the work is crucial for establishing trust so that young people feel confident to speak openly and freely about what is concerning them. However, if a pupil appears to be at risk of significant harm it may be appropriate to speak to the Safeguarding Lead in school or to seek help from other agencies to keep them safe. The counsellor would always aim to discuss this first with the young person involved.

Students can contact Liz by visiting the service in Oasis at break time on Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursdays, where they can find out more information about counselling or request an initial meeting.

For more detailed information about our counselling service, you can download the Information Leaflet for Parents and Carers at the bottom of this page.

To see our Recommended Reading for Parents & Carers, please click here; or download the document at the bottom of this page.


If someone important to you has died, or friend or family member is seriously ill you may need help dealing with feelings and family situations. Below are some links to websites that may be helpful.

Children's Bereavement Centre (formerly Sue’s Place)

The Children’s Bereavement Centre, based in Newark, is a unique centre, where children, young people and their families affected by terminal illness, death or the divorce or separation of someone close, can access support and guidance.


Cruse Bereavement Care offers support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies.  Services include face-to-face, telephone, email and website support, a Freephone national helpline and local services, and a website specifically for children and young people.

Winston's Wish

The leading charity offering support, advice and guidance to young people and their families after the death of a parent or a sibling.

Child Bereavement UK

Child Bereavement UK supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement.

The Smart Grief Guide 

A guide developed by secondary school students to help young people find their way through feelings of grief when someone has died.

Hope Support Services

Hope offer online support to young people from age 11+ when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, from the moment of diagnosis and for however long they are needed. Hope Online welcomes referrals from parents and family members and from professionals.


Bullying incidents are taken very seriously at Carlton le Willows. We firmly believe that every student has the right to feel safe and happy within school.

Please refer to our Anti-Bullying Policy which defines bullying as ‘behaviour by an individual or group usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally’

Sometimes these acts can be carried out through the use of technology and are referred to as cyber bullying. Carlton le Willow’s E-Safety and Safeguarding page on the website is packed with suggestions, tips and places to go to for help.


Kidscape provide training, support and advice to children, parents, schools and those in professional contact with young people to help develop the confidence and skills to challenge abuse and bullying in all its forms.


Childline offers free, confidential information and support for children and young people under 19 on any issue and at any time, day or night.
Bullying UK  

Support and advice for children and young people and their parents on all types of bullying.

Connect Safely

Tips, safety advice and other resources to promote safe, effective use of social media and mobile technology.

Government website page detailing legal information and guidance about bullying in education.

Drugs and Alcohol 

If you are concerned about your own or others' drug or alcohol misuse below are some useful links.


Frank offers friendly, confidential drugs advice for young people and parents.

The Health Shop

A free, confidential drop-in service, on Hounds Gate, Nottingham, open to all and offering advice and support on a wide range of issues regarding substance abuse and sexual health.

WAM - What About Me?

A confidential support service for children and young people aged 5 – 19 affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use/misuse.  Online support, face-to-face support, telephone/text support and individually prepared information packs.

Nottinghamshire Young People’s Substance Misuse Service

The service provides information, advice, support and treatment for young people up to 18 years old with drug and/or alcohol problems in Nottinghamshire.

External Counselling 

There are online counselling based services you can access:


An online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use


Free, confidential information and support for children and young people under 19 with any issue.

Base 51

Provides confidential support and services, including: free counselling, learning support service, health service, contraception, sexual health service and 'C-Card' registration for 13-24 year olds.


If you are at all concerned about your child’s mental health contact your GP or in an emergency call 999 or go to A&E.

Family Support 

Family Lives

(Formerly Parentline Plus), this national family support charity provides confidential advice, help and support on any aspect of parenting and family life.

Juno Women's Aid (Formerly WAIS)

A free, confidential, independent charity working with women and their children aged 5-18 years who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse.

Action For Young Carers

Funded by Nottingham City Council, Action for Young Carers (AYC) is a free, confidential service supporting young carers in Nottingham, giving them the chance to get together, have fun and access the help they need.

Fostering and Adoption 

Action for Children

Action for Children finds homes for children that need them. More than 600 foster carers have chosen to work with Action for Children and they have a long established record of recruiting adoptive parents.

General Teen Support 

The Mix

A comprehensive website offering advice, information and support for teenagers on topics such as sex and relationships, body issues, mental health, drink and drugs, housing, money, work and study, crime and safety and travel and lifestyle.


An interactive and informative website offering information and advice about all the issues that can affect their lives such as bullying, sexuality, alcohol and drugs, loss and grief and self harm. A particularly good resource for anxiety issues with convincing stories from real young people about how they coped with anxiety.


Childline offers free, confidential information and support for children and young people under 19 on any issue and at any time, day or night.



Carlton le Willows has fully qualified first aid trained staff, who are available during school hours to initiate all aspects of first aid. We also have two defibrillators, situated in both sides of the school (East and West)


We have a visiting School Nurse who attends Carlton le Willows and will see students by appointment, who have been referred by staff or other agencies.

She also runs a drop-in session during Monday lunchtimes in Oasis, where students can see her without an appointment for confidential health information and advice.

School Health offer a service to all children aged 5-19 years, including children and young people who do not attend school. The team review health at key stages and provide information, advice and support about health issues. They also support a seamless transition into school, from primary to secondary school and transition into adulthood.


The ChatHealth text service is an easy way to confidentially ask for help about a range of issues, or make an appointment with a school nurse. You can also access other local services including emotional support or sexual health services. Texts will be responded to by the School Nursing Team within one working day.

The ChatHealth number to text is 07507 329952.


Immunisations and vaccinations are delivered in school by a specialist team.  They visit throughout the school year to deliver the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination to year 8 and 9 girls, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and the Meningococcal ACWY to year 11’s.


Beat Eating Disorders

Support for adults and young people affected by eating disorders or difficulties with food, weight and shape. Beat provides helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups.

Health for Teens (NHS)

Health for Teens features bite-sized information on a comprehensive range of physical and emotional health topics for young people aged 11-19.


This site is especially for teenagers who have a parent with cancer. In riprap, you can learn more about cancer, its treatment, read the experiences of other young people and share your own story.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questionning 

Gender Identity Development Service

The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) is a highly specialised clinic (commissioned by the NHS) for young people presenting with difficulties with their gender identity. GIDS help their clients to explore their feelings and choose the path that best suits their ideals. The website offers a wealth of useful information and guidance for young people and parents

Allsorts Youth Project

LGBT young people don't always get information they need about negotiating sexual relationships safely. Allsorts provides a range of support and information about looking after your sexual health.

Young Stonewall

Stonewall Youth want all young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, as well as those who are questioning, to know they're not alone. They aim to empower all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, to campaign for equality and fair treatment for LGBTQ people, and against discrimination.


A national voluntary organisation offering information and support to parents and friends of adults and young people who are lesbian, gay and bisexual. Signposts to Trans support.

Mental Health 

Young Minds

The UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people, offering a wealth of information and support on topics ranging from anger issues and anxiety to bullying, mental health and ADHD.

NHS Choices Young Mental Health
An information hub offering young people advice and help on mental health problems including depression, anxiety and stress.


You can talk to Childline in confidence about any problem you are worried about, 24 hours a day. The free number 0800 1111 won’t appear on your phone bill.

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

 The CAMHS team work closely to support children and young people with emotional and mental health needs. Referrals can be through the GP or the Student Services team in school.

Online Safety 

Carlton le Willow’s E-Safety and Safeguarding page on the website is packed with tips and information about using social media and the internet safely.

Childnet International

Top tips, games and internet safety information to help young people get the best out of the internet and stay safe online. An excellent source of advice for parents and carers to help support children and young people in their safe and responsible use of the internet.

Connect Safely

Tips, safety advice and other resources to promote safe, effective use of social media and mobile technology.

NSPCC Net Aware

The NSPCC has joined forces with O2 to help parents explore and understand online life as kids know it. This guide to social networks, games, apps and websites that young people use was produced after their work with over 500 parents and carers and more than 1,700 young people.

The NSPCC and O2 also have a helpline for parents that can help with security and parental safety settings.

Click here to read more.

Personal Safety and Abuse 


The NSPCC is the leading charity working to support families and protect children and young people from all forms of abuse.


 You can talk to Childline in confidence about any problem you are worried about, 24 hours a day. The free number 0800 1111 won’t appear on your phone bill.


The DisrespectNoBody campaign is aimed at preventing abusive behaviours within relationships. The website offers support, advice and information on different forms of relationship abuse.

Relationships & Sexual Health 

Our visiting School Nurse from the Community School Nursing Team offers students support and advice on sexual health – please see the HEALTH section for more details  


The FPA offers wealth of information and support for young people and their parents on sexual health, relationships and sex education.

NHS Choices

NHS Choices offers lots of easy to access information on a range of sexual health and relationship issues and services.


The DisrespectNoBody campaign is aimed at preventing abusive behaviours within relationships. The website offers support, advice and information on different forms of relationship abuse.

Rise Above

Rise Above is a website offering young people interesting and useful information, stories, advice, videos and games relating to issues affecting teenage life including sexual health and relationships.

Self Harm 

Selfharm UK

Dedicated to supporting young people impacted by self harm, Selfharm UK provides a safe space to talk, ask questions and be honest about what's going on in your life, also offering advice and encouragement to parents and friends of someone harming. 


Harmless is a user-led national voluntary organisation for people who self harm, their friends, families and professionals.

SEN Support 

Ask Us Nottinghamshire (formerly the Parent Partnership Service)

Ask Us Nottinghamshire provides parents, carers, children and young people with free, confidential and impartial information, advice and support on children’s special educational needs and disability matters.  Can signpost or refer callers to other teams for more specialist advice.

Autism East Midlands

A leading autism charity to ensure people with autism can live their lives with dignity, choice and independence.  Providing help and support to families and individuals affected by autism from across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and beyond.

Wellbeing Support within School 


Each House has an allocated Student Support Worker.

Contact details (telephone 0115 9565008 followed by the relevant extension number)

Ash – Mrs Johnson Ext 257

Birch – Mrs Bryant Ext 256

Cedar – Mrs Morton Ext 257

Oak – Mrs Tuxford Ext 256


We have school counsellors who students can talk to in confidence.

See the Academy Counselling Service section for more information.


Students see their form tutor every day for 15 minutes during tutor time. Form tutors are the first port of call for students and parents when they have concerns or questions and they are the person in school who will be most familiar with a student’s needs. Form tutors support pupils academically and emotionally and can help with a wide range of issues. They offer advice and guidance on a daily basis and work closely with their House Leader and Student Support to ensure that each student has the support they need.


Our visiting school nurse comes into school usually each week and sees students who have been referred by staff or other agencies. She also runs a drop-in session during Monday lunchtimes in Oasis where students can see her without an appointment for confidential health information and advice. For detailed information please see the HEALTH section.


At Carlton le Willows we work closely with pupils to identify their learning, social and emotional needs. We provide key workers, nurture sessions, literacy, and numeracy interventions. We will make reasonable adjustments to ensure there is equity of support to the young people meeting our thresholds. We can offer 1:1 and group support in lessons or with more bespoke support in the learning hub.


Every Year 7 pupil is taught empirically validated resilience lessons, that have been extensively evaluated by national charity Bounce Forward. Carlton le Willows has been awarded the Bounce Forward Healthy Minds Kitemark, in recognition of our commitment to providing good quality teaching and learning of skills, which have been statistically proven to reduce and prevent depression, anxiety, improve general health and increase students life satisfaction to the same level as when an adult finds a life partner. We are delighted to have been recognised by Lord Richard Layard from the London School of Economics as a leading school for developing healthy minds in our students.   

Local Organisations  

The organisations below are locally based so you can visit in person, either after being referred or by self referral, to access counselling and support.

Action for Young Carers

Base 51

Children's Bereavement Centre


The Health Shop

WAM What About Me?


Due to the importance of confidentiality for young people, parental consent is not specifically attained for all services.  Gillick competence is a term originating in England and is used in medical law to decide whether a child, 16 years or younger, is able to consent to his or her own medical treatment, without the need for parental permission or knowledge.  If your child is 13 and over and presents as Gillick competent, they would be entitled to decide which medical or therapeutic services they would like to access without parental consent.