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Carlton le Willows Academy

Nothing but the best

Staff Team

Useful Contacts 

Student Adviser Team  

Student Adviser Year 7

Mrs H Fenyn

Student Adviser Year 8


Student Adviser Year 9

Mrs L Hart

Student Adviser Year 10

Ms  A Bryant

Student Adviser Year 11

Mrs A Morton

Sixth Form

Ms A Pateman

Year Group Leads  

Head of Year 7

Mr Walker

Head of Year 8

Mr Marshall

Head of Year 9

Mr Macdonald

Head of Year 10

Mr Miller

Head of Year 11

Mr Hemstock

Head or Year 12/13

Mrs Emsley

Mr M Swann

Year 7 tutor groups  

Year 8 tutor groups 

Year 9 tutor groups 

Year 10 tutor groups 

Year 11 tutor groups 

Teaching Staff (A – C) 

Teaching Staff (D – G) 

Teaching Staff (H - L) 

Teaching Staff (M - P) 

Teaching Staff (R - T) 

Teaching Staff (U - Z)