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Carlton le Willows Academy

Nothing but the best

Staff Team

Useful Contacts 

Learning Managers

Year 7

Mrs Chapman

Year 8

Ms Handley-Bullous

Year 9

Mrs Hart

Year 10

Mrs Steven

Year 11

Miss Kadvath

Year 12


Year 13

Mrs Morton


Ms Pateman

Heads of Year 

Head of Year 7

Mr Macdonald

Head of Year 8

Mr Miller

Head of Year 9

Mr Walker

Head of Year 10

Mr Marshall

Head of Year 11

Mr Mehat and Mr Bond-Taylor

Head or Year 12/13

Mrs Emsley

Mr M Swann

Teaching Staff (A – C) 

Mr Arif

Head of RE

Mr Armstrong 

Head of Geography

Mrs Atherton


Mr Bee

Head of DT

Mrs Blanshard


Mr Bond-Taylor

Senior Deputy Headteacher

Mr Bonnett


Mr Boyer

Head of IT/Computing

Mrs Brettell

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Broadley


Mr Brooks

Head of History

Mr Brown

Head of Business Studies

Mrs Bullin

Head of Drama

Mr Clare

Head of Construction

Ms Cleary


Mr Clough


Mr Corden-Mistry

Assistant Deputy Headteacher

Mr Cresser


Teaching Staff (D – G) 

Mr Dennis


Mrs Emsley

Head of Sixth Form

Miss Essien


Miss Fedun


Mrs Fells


Mrs Fountain


Mr Fryer

Assistant Deputy Headteacher

Mr Giannone


Miss Gray


Miss Green


Miss Gregson

Teacher in Charge of Media

Miss Griffin

Head of Art

Teaching Staff (H - L) 

Mr Hemstock


Mrs Hemstock


Mr Jackson


Mr Johnson


Mr Jones

Head of Science

Mrs Jones


Miss Jones


Ms Kirk


Mrs Knowles


Ms Kuczynska-Fryer

Assistant Deputy Headteacher

Mr Konarski


Mrs Lakhanpal


Mrs Lin


Mr Loydall


Mr Lucas


Teaching Staff (M - P) 

Mr Macdonald

Head of Year 7

Miss Maltby


Mr Marshall

Head of Year 10

Mr Mayne


Mr McLean


Miss McGovern


Mr McGuinness

Head of Maths

Mr McShane


Mr Miller

Head of Year 8

Mr Morgan


Mrs Moss


Mr Mountain

Head of PE

Mrs Murray


Ms Orme


Mr Palmer


Ms Peat


Mr Peden


Mr Pickering


Miss Pitt


Miss Porter


Mr Price


Teaching Staff (R - T) 

Mr Radford


Ms Reynolds


Miss Robinson


Miss Ross

Head of MFL

Mr Ruffles

Head of English

Mrs Russell


Mr Savage


Mrs Scott


Mr Scott

Careers Lead

Miss Skinn


Mr Smith


Dr Stevenson


Miss Stewart


Mr Swann

Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mr Tenniswood


Mr Thomas

Head of Music

Mr Tomlinson

Head of Citizenship

Teaching Staff (U - Z) 

Mr Walker

Head of Year 9

Ms Walker


Mrs Walker


Mr Walters


Mr Watson

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Wells


Mr J White


Mr M White


Mr Wilkins


Miss Williams


Miss Winfield